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  • The most effective solutions are ideal solutions!
  • The most ideal part of a construction is the one that is absent it will never break down and it costs nothing. The part is absent while its function is being performed.
  • Ideal management...
  • Ideal plan...
  • Ideal solution...
  • The theory of inventive problem solving (TRIZ) is the science devoted to ideal solutions.
The peripeteias of the last decade of the Russian history made many TRIZ specialists, effective engineers-inventors leave their home countries. Annual TRIZ conferences in Europe and the USA; books in different languages of the world; American and European, and nowadays also Korean and Chinese consulting firms for which former Soviet specialists work. Russia is beginning to lose priority

On January 10, 2005, in Moscow gathered famous specialists in the theory of inventive problem solving. That was the beginning of the TRIZ-profi group. The objectives of the group include analysis of innovative projects, perfection of agricultural and other machinery, training of Russian engineers and students of leading universities in creative technologies and working on a new educational system oriented to solve non-standard tasks and the development of original thinking as well

Among the leading TRIZ-profi specialists, there are authors of numerous inventions and inventive methods; developers of computer programs for aid to inventors; authors of books and articles on classical TRIZ and its applications in business and education, translated into different languages.

The TRIZ-profi specialists deliver lectures, hold seminars and consultations, including those for foreign auditory with simultaneous translation.
To acquaint yourself with the theory of inventive problem solving and its applications, see TRIZ-profi: Effective Solutions concept journal or our web sites.
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